Welcome To Rangotsav Celebration

Rangotsav Celebration is an art center with an objective of providing a stimulating environment to bring out artistic and creative potential in children and in addition, a platform to exhibit their hidden talents. As a step towards this goal, we are building child artists to develop their artistic and creative potentiality and to express their thoughts through art by providing the right platform to exhibit their uniqueness.

Rangotsav Celebration was started since 2012 and with due support from all over the nation, Rangotsav Celebration is now conducting the competition globally for emphasizing on spreading the importance of art and creativity in the minds of schools as well as students. I would like to thank the principal for granting permission to conduct the competition and similarly to art teacher for motivating students to participate. I am thankful to you since past eight years as it would not have been possible without your valuable support. Since, art reduces the stress and refreshes the mind we look forward to encourage them to follow their passion and focus on boosting the self-confidence of the student while being felicitated on the stage. Every year we provide an opportunity to many child artists from various schools to show their creativity and uniqueness in their art works. I cordially invite your school kids to participate in Rangotsav Celebration in all the competition which are getting more and more modernized. We have an objective of providing a stimulating environment to bring out artistic and creative potential of the students. Thus, we look forward for such happiness of students by way of your participation and make the event a grand success.

Our Aim

The main aim of Rangotsav Celebration is to bring a smile on children's face & encourage them to explore their inner art talent. Art is an important educational tool used by teachers all over the world for a child's development. It is a path for children to express themselves in their own special way. Art helps children to develop their hand-eye co-ordination from very young age. Painting also helps children to use their senses, express emotion, explore process and color, and create aesthetic pleasing art work Go beyond doodling with markers or crayons with these events from Rangotsav Celebration that encourage kids to enjoy the process of making art.