Gifts for Event Directors

What is Event Director in Rangotsav Celebration?

In today's time, there are more than 12 lac schools in India and we wish to reach those schools. Such a milestone can only be achieved with your help. For this reason we are appointing at least two Event Director from each town/city to reach maximum schools in your locality or town/city to motivate the students and look forward for their active participation in our competition.

As an Event Director, it will be your responsibility to look how maximum schools can reach us. Henceforth, Rangotsav Celebration will not only be ours but you will also be a part of our team.

Objective:- As an organizer I would surely like to inform you that our main objective is not to earn excess profits but to motivate the students for their creativity and talent.

How you can help Rangotsav Celebration as an Event Director?

  • 1. As you are an active art teacher, you may have contacts of other art teachers as well so you have to provide our competition's information and try to convince them to take part in it.
  • 2. Even if you visit one art teacher or principal in a day and convince them, you can reach many schools within four months.
  • 3. If the teacher is convinced, you have to note down their whatsApp No. and form a whatsApp group by the name 'Rangotsav Celebration' and add those teachers in the group who have given their consent to participate.
  • 4. You can also add the art teachers in your contact to that group and be in touch with them so that they won't forget to participate.

What information you can provide in schools about Rangotsav Celebration?

  • 1. From all over India, schools of more than 28 states and 2 union territories participate every year in our competition.
  • 2. Our first award is of Pure Gold and second is of Pure Silver. Also we provide special gift as Bicycle.
  • 3. Every participated student is awarded with special rewards and also they are provided printed participation certificate with their name on it.
  • 4. Gifts are provided for motivation and to boost their confidence.
  • 5. In our competition, 50-60% schools from all over India participate every year.
  • 6. Every year our news is published in reputed newspaper.
  • 7. Our main aim is to motivate students who have interest in art.
  • 8. Joining letter, Brochure Detail of This Year, ID Card, Diary and Photo-paper. We hope the information is read by you and you agree to the same. Also we hope you will you fulfill your responsibility towards same.

How you can inform us about how many schools you are reaching?

  • 1. As an event director, you are supposed to contact only on this number 9833325008.
  • 2. The above mentioned number is registered on whatsApp. You have toconstantly update us regarding the number of schools you are reaching so thatour team can mention the name of those schools under your name.
  • 3. If you have any query or doubts related to Event Director you can surelycontact Ms. Apurva Rode/ Ms. Preeti Ghadawle (Relation Manager) for help.


  • 1. The ID card will be valid only for the year 2020. (New ID-Card will be provided nextyear)
  • 2. The participated schools will send their entries and fees directly to us.
  • 3. The fee is to be sent to us at the first step and then we will be providing you yourreward.
  • 4. The gifts and prizes will be provided by us.
  • 5. We hope there won't be any misuse of the details provided to you.
  • 6. If you won't work, you are not entitled to receive any reward and your ID card will be rejected.
  • 7. The number of students participating from each school should at least be 200.
  • 8. The schools which are already participating will not be counted.
  • 9. If the numbers of students are less in school, you are still eligible to get the reward of one school if total numbers of student are 200.

As we all know neither prize nor gift can be worth of the creativity, but just as a symbol of love and gratitude from Rangotsav Celebration and as a motivational gesture for the Art Teacher and Principal, we are pleased to award them too with the token of love.We know the amount of efforts you will be taking for us cannot be measured in terms of money but our main aim is to promote art and creativity unlike other fields of competition. The teachers who are working as an Event Director will be called in Mumbai for their felicitation and a party will also be organised for them.

If you want details of the schools already participating kindly contact us.


If already the Event Director is appointed from your taluka, we will let you know our decision & if not you will be appointed from your taluka.